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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Jasper County School System, in partnership with parents and community, is committed to graduating all students with the knowledge, skills and attititudes necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society. We will pursue this mission in a safe, positive environment in which the staff sets high expectations for students as well as for themselves.



Belief Statement

We believe that:
  • All staff must share an understanding of and commitment to the instructional goals of the school system.
  • Parents must embrace education as a high priority
  • Because the parent is a child's first and most important teacher, the home environment has a direct impact upon a student's success in school.
  • Parents, teachers, and students have the obligation to create and maintain safe schools.
  • Goals must exist for every student in terms of individual ability
  • Students and parents share responsibility in establishing and working toward achieving student goals.
  • Teachers must provide clear purpose and relevance for all learning activities.
  • Instructional strategies must reflect student needs and provide for student choices and diversity.
  • Effective education provides frequent opportunities for problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Assessment is a tool for improving instruction.
  • A broad range of assessment tools should be used in monitoring student progress.
  • The first priority of school administrators is the instructional program.
  • The school faculty has the right and obligation to contribute to instructional leadership decisions
  • It is the responsibility of the community to provide the necessary fiscal and human resources for the effective and safe educations of its students.